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You surely know that we are still working on the last album in which Sten was involved. Step by step we get further and approach the goal - a finished cd package.
On that page we want to give a slight impression what we do ...

2013-03-12 | Album already available

Sorry for the really late information on this small extra page. "Controlled Error" has been already out digitally since December 2012. It consists of two parts, the album itself and a second package called "One Day In February". This second part contains tracks that were planned for several projects by Sten.

Click here to view release details.

2012-01-18 | Dropped song

So a new year's started and it will be the year of "Controlled Error". Step by step we get closer to its release.

Sometimes you decide that there is a track (or more) that doesn't suit the album and you "drop" it. So here is one of these little babies called "Gimme Gimme Gimme". Enjoy it streamed!

2011-11-26 | Vocal recording

Today we were in the studio again to record some vocal lines....

And especially for you we got a short piece of it, recorded with a mobile phone while listening to the track.

We also took some pictures in the studio...

Studio 1

Studio 2

Studio 3

2011-11-04 | Track licenced for SOTH3

we already mentioned it .... we are on the upcoming State of the Heart 3 compilation. Now you can watch the trailer for it and pre-order it via PopOnaut (release date is the 12th January).

2011-08-19 | Instrumental track

sooo we are still putting together the upcoming album but decided to present you a preview ... here is the instrumental part of a new song with the working title "Atom". Vocals will be recorded soon. Enjoy!

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